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A visual and written documentary on the resort. How it came to be; the great renovation; what we dream for it to become.

New LOW Fall Rates

Crystal Sands Beach Resort, a Lake Huron beachfront experience, is excited to announce new LOW fall rates.

  • Suites are now $90 per night
  • Villas start at $140 per night
  • Boathouse apartments start at $175 per night

Great for fall color tours, hunting trips, crisp fishing weekends and more.  Don’t forget the Huron lakeshore in the fall, one of the most beautiful times to be in Northern Michigan.

Our Ocean

I took my wife and two small children to Crystal Sands resort a couple of weekends ago.  We stayed in one of the villas.  They are like brand new and had everything we needed.  I recommend Crystal Sands to anybody looking for Lake Huron beach resort.

My kids are still young, so they had a ball just spending time on the beach with the sand toys.  We made it into Tawas and had a nice time there too.  The area has a beach town ‘feel’ with a lot of places to have lunch or a nice dinner.  There are quite a few things to do at the resort and in Tawas. We considered a fishing trip, but our lazy weekend took over and we never got to it.  Kind of glad we just relaxed.

While the kids entertained themselves, my wife and I had more time to reconnect than we’ve had in years.  Life gets so busy with work, family and all the other responsibilities.  It was nice to unplug for a few days, however fleeting, and just hang out.

The natural beauty of the Lake Huron shore is difficult to describe.  My son looking out at the water one evening asked, “Is this the ocean?”  I answered, “No, this is Lake Huron.”  “It looks like the ocean,” he said.  When I told him, “It’ll be our ocean every summer,” he seemed to understand.

Thanks for a great trip.  See you next year.

The Boathouse After Dark

Just wanted to share a snapshot of our renovated boathouse.  I though the nighttime view was a little different.  Come on up and get on the beautiful Lake Huron water!

We still have just one villa still available for the weekend of July 29.  Also, one villa left for the following weekend of August 5.

These two Lake Huron Resort Villas were available at the time I wrote this post.  See you up north!